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Cafe Script PHP

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Cafe Transformice in php created by me.

Hello. Today I present to you the project we created within 7 days.Out of sheer boredom I thought to finish this project from HTML in PHP.

What I added?

  • System login and register (with hash transformice)
  • System show topics
  • System show content topics
  • System reply
  • System create topic
  • System change avatar
  • System profile
  • System anti-xss

How to rule?

First, entry in config.php and edit the host details

define('DB_SERVER', ''); //Host (if you use localhost, put localhost or
define('DB_USERNAME', ''); //User database (if you use localhost, put root)
define('DB_PASSWORD', ''); //User database password
define('DB_DATABASE', ''); //User database

Then enter phpMyAdmin and upload the SQL from download


Demo Site

Download SQL File https://github.com/AdrianOficial/cafe/blob/master/cafe.sql

SQL File VirusTotal https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/ZjIwZmFhYzg1NDEyNDAyZjVkMTU4Mzc1YjQxNGRlYWI6MTU1NTYwMjgxOQ==/detection

Download files https://github.com/AdrianOficial/cafe

Files virustotal https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file-analysis/MzZiZGMxZWY5ZTM2ZmQ5YjhlMDg0MWFjNWFmMDFiNDI6MTU1NTYwMjg1MQ==/detection

Credits: AdrianOficial

If you need help, post a reply here, or contact me on discord (Adryan#2176)

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