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  1. Omaraldin

    Nice source, but you are too late, making # system is now easy and we can get packets of events easy or can make our own events, you have nothing to pay with price $30.
  2. Omaraldin

    But to make it perfectly like TFMA future system, use same they use LuaJ, And yes it can be with Py3 but because Java is JIT so it's faster in Java sources.
  3. Omaraldin

    Good luck with that, I suggest you make it with Java because soon you will need to use Java what they add JS or Lua API. And, good luck with send maps.
  4. Omaraldin

    Nope, TFM still have upper to 3k online players, TFMA has only 500+
  5. Omaraldin

    It's not first source, Miceforce made one (as sevenops said i'm not sure), me too, you are too late.
  6. Omaraldin

    [EN]: I was try many ways to get login and packet keys with rabcdasm and as3 but i didn't found an way, is there someobe know how to get login and packet keys from rabcdasm or program/source code for that action? [BR](Google Translate): Eu estava tentando muitas maneiras de obter login e chaves de pacotes com rabcdasm e as3, mas eu não encontrei uma maneira, há alguém sabe como obter login e chaves de pacotes de rabcdasm ou código de programa / fonte para essa ação?