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  1. Cruzer

    @Lucas I'm not selling anything. I don't be here everytime but my discord is always open. So I can help everyone immediately and then I share updates. It's hard to speak to you because your brain is too small even your source is in Turkish you can say "I'm romanian and I coded this from zero!", so just stfu
  2. Cruzer

    Hi, I improved the source 1.363 to 1.534. I fixed all bugs I could. (At least, I think so.) News: Added new platform Added tag Migrated to MySQL Bug fixes Download: Virus scan: SWF: Edit: If found a bug and can't solve it, contact with me: Discord: ilker#8315
  3. Cruzer

    I need +1.500 version totem packet. I'm using this: this.sendPacket(Identifiers.old.send.Totem, ["%s#%s#%s%s" %(playerCode, x, y, totem)]) And it's not working. If anyone has new packet, please share us.
  4. Cruzer

    Notice: I found as 1.380 in internet, updated to 1.480 and fixed many bugs. Notice: I'm WistonDelay Credits: Loukino-> Base Danshweger, Wreft -> Source WinstonDelay -> 1.380 => 1.480 + fix bugs + 1.480 => 1.508 + fix bugs + add tag Download: Virustotal [0/55]: