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  1. Mady

  2. Mady

    how i can link xenforo forum with game sql ?
  3. Mady

    i like this ❤️
  4. Mady

    You do not respond to Discord
  5. Mady

    I know what you mean but when I block the system player does not tell him that it was blocked, but when he closes and opens his account he sees that he is BANNED
  6. Mady

    I have a problem when a person is banned in the game that actually blocks him but does not close your account and tells him that he was banned but when the player opens his account at another time he sees that he has been banned but this ban is already there.
  7. Mady

    I know but I do not know a solution
  8. Mady

    I also have a problem with the rank of MapCrew charts they do not show the color or players connected ?
  9. Mady

    SErros.log errorsCommands.log
  10. Mady

    @Andriel9 I am Mady#0051
  11. Mady

    I have a swf problem when i install a new swf for the source does not want to work but when i make it an old swf works well is there a solution for this ? The rest is in this thing and I think because modopwet is there a solution too?
  12. Mady

    There is something in the source when one enters into the community INT / EN is being automatically transferred to the TR community I want a solution for this Source = PY picture :
  13. Mady

  14. Mady

    Adrian gave your name to Discord