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  1. Truearena

  2. Truearena

    Hello, please I need help for updating my version without lost player data and source, i have 1.398 and I want ~1.480-1.510, I've been trying to do that for a long time.. who can help me on discord, skype or teamviewer? Thanks..
  3. Truearena

    Thank you very much !! I add you
  4. Truearena

    Yes thanks, i know that but before that i think we have to change somethings in tribulle or packets, for friendlist and tribe update
  5. Truearena

  6. Truearena

    Nobody want to help me? :(
  7. Truearena

    Hi everyone, I have a version 1.398 server. I want to change the version and put a recent one (1.480-1.510) to use new SWF, I think we need to change something in Identifiers and Tokens but I'm not sure, can you help me please ? (I know how to change Ckey and Version but it's not sufficient...). I want to keep everything (player data, orders, source ...) because i worked hard every days, i don't want to restart with another source, it's very urgent, thanks !