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  1. Adryan

    said* And this doesn't matter
  2. Adryan

  3. Adryan

    wtf 😂 😂 😂
  4. Adryan

    ahahahahahahaahahh. Fuck you fucking dick sucker _|_
  5. Adryan

    first see who is idiot 😂 then you tell me, ok idiot?
  6. Adryan

  7. Adryan

  8. Adryan

    not work because you noob
  9. Adryan

    no shit. @Blackixatnew12 on your host upload crossdomain.xml If you don't have, look here: <cross-domain-policy> <allow-access-from domain="*" to-ports="*"/> </cross-domain-policy> And you will edit SWF Transformice. Transformice default is :// You will replace with :// And done buddy. If you don't understand what i said contact me on discord, Adryan#8383 (this is legal, because i'm explain what we need, if he not understand he can contact me.So report = none)
  10. Adryan

    Mersii nub
  11. Adryan

    Aahahaha, nope. I'm wanted to make something like that a time ago.But i didn't have time to finish it
  12. Adryan

    this was a site not a tool
  13. Adryan

    You are the best idiot here lol. Read here idiot
  14. Adryan

    Modopwet, Casier owner is tfm.Not you nooby
  15. Adryan

    Lier. Rab don't maked in python2.7 First of all RAB is opensource. You can't make RAB from skratch.Please don't be x2 fool man