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  1. Adryan

    Contact me on Discord: Adryan#1677 Server: Forum: I need staff who can populate the server, or help me with different ideas/systems, design
  2. Adryan

    Cafe Transformice in php created by me. Hello. Today I present to you the project we created within 7 days.Out of sheer boredom I thought to finish this project from HTML in PHP. What I added? System login and register (with hash transformice) System show topics System show content topics System reply System create topic System change avatar System profile System anti-xss How to rule? First, entry in config.php and edit the host details <?php define('DB_SERVER', ''); //Host (if you use localhost, put localhost or define('DB_USERNAME', ''); //User database (if you use localhost, put root) define('DB_PASSWORD', ''); //User database password define('DB_DATABASE', ''); //User database Then enter phpMyAdmin and upload the SQL from download Demo Site : Download SQL File : SQL File VirusTotal : Download files : Files virustotal : Credits: AdrianOficial If you need help, post a reply here, or contact me on discord (Adryan#2176)
  3. Adryan

    The Transformice is going to die anyway, it will be replaced by the new Transformice Adventures game.
  4. Adryan

    Those tooles no longer work
  5. Adryan

    That's the problem. You can not use the original SWF, you must remove the protection from packets and login
  6. Adryan

    which SWF you use ?
  7. Adryan

    We need to update you structure, i don't remember what need to update, but is new structure here. Try another source and move you datababase game to new source
  8. Adryan

    Check private
  9. Adryan

    Download : Screens : Creator : Design (PlanetaMice), Post: Me If we want, i can make this in wordpress
  10. Adryan

    @Lucas You're dumber than a walnut.The man needs to help someone in Python3 with the Asyncio extension