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  1. Adryan

    Transformice will not last long no matter that the game Transformice (original) will be on steam or standalone. Already half their staff (programmers, etc.) have left the team because of the money, so what future do you think will have Transformice or Transformice Adventures without programmers, if already in the staff has left half. The only hope is to improve the game, find a platform for the game to be able to run even after it closes on browser.If not certainly not expect the Transformice to re-come as popular as a while ago.
  2. Adryan

    @Nikopark Delete This Thread. First he said need to contact on discord and that is forbidden. And that link has a password. So it's totally useless.
  3. Adryan

    You are fucking noob First go to line def mutePlayer, and check if you have next functions: player.sendModMute(playerName, hours, reason, False) player.sendModMute(playerName, hours, reason, True) If you don't have it add below player.isMute = True Ok now go to def sendModMute, and put this code: def sendModMute(this, playerName, hours, reason, only): if not only:"", "<ROSE>• [Moderation] $MuteInfo2", playerName, playerName, hours, reason) else: player = this.server.players.get(playerName) if player: player.sendLangueMessage("", "<ROSE>• [Moderation] $MuteInfo1", hours, reason)
  4. Adryan

    You have to have imagination. For example at the Miceforce when completing the goal you receive colored titles.
  5. Adryan

    MiceForce pulled out a pretty interesting project and I thought I'd do it too. Link MiceForce Project: Tutorial: Put the SQL file in PhpMyAdmin in config. php put the details to phpMyAdmin (host, name, password, database) Screenshots with what i maked: If the user does not exist in the database when the insertion will appear this message, and the picture below will be updated If the user is already existing, an error message will appear, and the image below will not be updated When the bar reaches 500 votes, the following message will appear Credits: Adryan Design: MiceForce Download:
  6. Adryan

    If you want to download this tool you download it, if not, No.
  7. Adryan

    Keep your negative opinions to yourself.
  8. Adryan

    Lua API can be make in Python 3 too.
  9. Adryan

    you noob? I didn't say is FIRST SOURCE. I said who will be part of this project, will first SOURCE (not the first source created), and from this will result the final source (ours)
  10. Adryan

    No, you need to download NodeJS,
  11. Adryan

    Both, because server run with a IP. You configure database in NodeJS.
  12. I have Emulador for trasnformic adventures. But I can't do this all by myself. I'm looking for people who know what the programming is eating (Python 3.7), and let's start a project. The people who are going to be part of this will first source. The source won't post it here. They will only be given to people who want to be part of this project. Contact on Discord: Adryan#1677
  13. Adryan

    Because it is archived
  14. Adryan

  15. Adryan