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  1. frenzz

    C:\Python27\Lib\site-packages\twisted\internet upload it to there
  2. frenzz

  3. frenzz

    fix it then, no one would share %100
  4. frenzz

    both wont work, you must use your vps ://xx/langues/tfz_ and upload folder to C:\xampp\htdocs
  5. frenzz

    for python sources*
  6. frenzz

    you didnt code them tho
  7. frenzz

    gross protection
  8. frenzz

    it has 2 codes, search for BeautifulSoup
  9. frenzz

    pip install beautifulsoup4, use 2.7.10 or remove beautifulsoup from tribulle
  10. frenzz

    text your teamviewer to my inbox
  11. frenzz

    it can be about swfs version, not sure but better try with new one and it must be like this in swf; :// paste your langue files in your vpss www folder, if it wont fix your problem text me via private messages
  12. frenzz

    if doesnt work try to compress them again langues.rar
  13. frenzz
  14. frenzz

    have u tried decompressing langues?
  15. frenzz

    any error logs?