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  1. frenzz

    cant login to server
  2. frenzz

    use vps's ip adress instead of website
  3. frenzz

    remove this.Cursor.execute("insert into LoginLog select %s, %s where not exists (select 1 from LoginLog where Username = %s and IP = %s)", [playerName, this.ipAddress, playerName, this.ipAddress])
  4. frenzz
  5. frenzz

  6. frenzz

    @berkdasok launch controller and send a screenshot to here (or copy it and paste to here)
  7. frenzz

    @Eclipse 2.7
  8. frenzz

  9. frenzz

    setup wamp or xampp and search on your browser login settings must be like this, create a new database called "ceomicec" after created database, click "import" (u can find it n top), and find database.sql then click "Go"
  10. frenzz or
  11. frenzz

    include > files > infoSWF.json > right click open with WordPad (or something else) "version":398,"key":"???"} change version and key
  12. frenzz
  13. frenzz

    click resolve problems then go to \*source file*\dist\lib and select every thing one by one
  14. frenzz

    search def sendProfile paste it bottom of the "p.writeInt(str(player.regDate)[:10])" (if u already have it try to edit, like if u change it "1 if player.privLevel == 1" to "10 if player.privLevel == 1" users username will be red) p.writeByte(1 if player.privLevel == 1 else 11 if player.privLevel >= 2 and player.privLevel <= 4 else 13 if player.privLevel == 5 else 1 if player.privLevel == 6 else 5 if player.privLevel == 7 else 10 if player.privLevel >= 8 else 1) #rank clr