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  3. Andriel9

    I won't even say anything...
  4. Andriel9

    O sistema que fiz para receber o presente é diferente e não fica aí 🤦🏾‍♂️
  5. Lizz

    Pls dont talk with me. Your idiot. Your just cry.
  6. Lucas

    problem : - Time: 19/09/2019 - 16:00:15 - Player: Lucas - Error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\Lucas\Desktop\ss\", line 318, in parseString this.parsePackets.parsePacket(packetID, C, CC, ByteArray(packet[3:])) File "C:\Users\Lucas\Desktop\ss\modules\", line 100, in parsePacket File "C:\Users\Lucas\Desktop\ss\", line 2787, in checkShouldChangeMap this.mapChange() File "C:\Users\Lucas\Desktop\ss\", line 2542, in mapChange this.closeVoting() File "C:\Users\Lucas\Desktop\ss\", line 3182, in closeVoting this.mapChange() File "C:\Users\Lucas\Desktop\ss\", line 2704, in mapChange player.sendPacket([5, 51], ByteArray().writeByte(24).writeByte(0).writeShort(1).writeShort(random.randint(0, 30)).writeShort(-100).toByteArray()) File "C:\Users\Lucas\Desktop\ss\modules\", line 12, in writeShort this.bytes += pack('!H', int(value)) error: integer out of range for 'H' format code
  7. Adryan

    first see who is idiot 😂 then you tell me, ok idiot?
  8. Wreft

    Não faz nem a ação de coletar o item do evento como que alguém da a solução que tem a ver com a token se nem recebe nada?
  9. Wreft

    Esperava alguem perceber né, fazer oq, o id do banner tem q ser o msmo id do primeiro byte do pacote.
  10. Última semana
  11. Lizz

    Shut up idiot
  12. Adryan

  13. Pikachu

  14. Lucas

  15. Andriel9

  16. Lucas

    no work
  17. Andriel9

    Configure your packet "Identifiers.recv.Player.Bolos" to: elif CC == Identifiers.recv.Player.Bolos: sla, sla2, id, type = data.readByte(), data.readByte( ), data.readByte(), data.readByte() if not this.client.hasBolo:[16, 10], ByteArray().writeByte(52).writeByte(1).writeByte( 2).writeUTF(str(this.client.playerCode)).writeUTF(str(id)).toByteArray())[100, 101], ByteArray().writeByte(2).writeInt(this.client.playerCode).writeUTF( "x_transformice/x_aventure/x_recoltables/x_" + str((1 if id == 1 else 0)) + ".png").writeInt(-1900574).writeByte(0).writeShort(100).writeShort(0).toByteArray()) this.client.sendPacket([100, 101], "\x01\x00") this.client.hasBolo = True if not this.client.isGuest: if id == 1: #this.client.giftGet = True this.client.aventureCounts[13] += 1 return 🙄
  18. Adryan

  19. Lucas

  20. Adryan

    not work because you noob
  21. Pikachu

    you need to create a variable too in with itemget and itemgive
  22. Lucas

    please help code : if self.getPlayerCount() >= 0: for player in self.clients.values(): player.sendPacket([5, 51], ByteArray().writeByte(24).writeByte(0).writeShort(1).writeShort(random.randint(0, 30)).writeShort(-100).toByteArray()) player.sendPacket([100, 101], chr(1)+chr(1)) bandicam 2019-09-18 20-00-21-532.mp4
  23. Blackixatnew12

    well I did everything you told me but it still appeared the same I don't know what it could be
  24. Adryan

    no shit. @Blackixatnew12 on your host upload crossdomain.xml If you don't have, look here: <cross-domain-policy> <allow-access-from domain="*" to-ports="*"/> </cross-domain-policy> And you will edit SWF Transformice. Transformice default is :// You will replace with :// And done buddy. If you don't understand what i said contact me on discord, Adryan#8383 (this is legal, because i'm explain what we need, if he not understand he can contact me.So report = none)
  25. Blackixatnew12

    I am doing the same thing but it seems that it does not measure any of the options of step does not want to walk the connection
  26. frenzz

    both wont work, you must use your vps ://xx/langues/tfz_ and upload folder to C:\xampp\htdocs
  27. Pikachu

    nooooo, don't use // and it looks like this try //
  28. Blackixatnew12

    change link: // and it looks like this I managed to change the links but now it is this error
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