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  1. Yesterday
  2. Akira

    Contact with me. Discord: Mentalpower#8315
  3. Última semana
  4. Carlos

    @Akira Shop bug, news fur is bugged
  5. Akira

    Links are updated, you can check it again.
  6. Weslei

    You can archive repository in settings
  7. Adryan

    Because it is archived
  8. Adryan

  9. Weslei

    Why only one ".zip" file instead of code in github?
  10. Weslei

    "Client for those who wanna make an emulator"
  11. Nikopark

  12. Weslei

    Do it yourself Do it yourself
  13. Gabriel Kinash

    Boa, Kira!
  14. Geen

    Emulador ?
  15. Adryan

    emulador where?
  16. Kira

    Client do TFM Adventures na versão 0.67.1 para quem for fazer um emulador IP: Localhost Ports: 4001, 4002, 4003, 4004 Print: Download: Click Here Scan: Click Here Créditos: Kira
  17. Earlier
  18. frenzz

  19. Gogo

    in real transformice?
  20. Adryan

    You can edit tfz (titles)
  21. Gogo

    what is this?
  22. Flash

    Não seria mais simples fazer ajax? nem precisaria atualizar a pagina.
  23. victornord

    Olá gente AulaMice! Precisa shoplist atualizado Quero vocês pegar shoplist no tfm original pq eu não consegue pegar :( Obrigado!
  24. frenzz

    @berkdasok launch controller and send a screenshot to here (or copy it and paste to here)
  25. Carlos

    Source ta bugada, quando cria a conta ou loga n carrega nada. ============================================================ - Time: 29/04/2019 - 22:07:42 - Player: Carlos - Error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:\Users\SUPREMACIA.SUPREMACIA-PC\Documents\Transformice\1.503 - PM\", line 316, in parseString this.parsePackets.parsePacket(packetID, C, CC, ByteArray(packet[3:])) File "C:\Users\SUPREMACIA.SUPREMACIA-PC\Documents\Transformice\1.503 - PM\modules\", line 556, in parsePacket this.client.loginPlayer(playerName, password, chr(3) + "[Tutorial] " + playerName) File "C:\Users\SUPREMACIA.SUPREMACIA-PC\Documents\Transformice\1.503 - PM\", line 511, in loginPlayer this.enterRoom(this.server.checkRoom(startRoom, this.Langue)) File "C:\Users\SUPREMACIA.SUPREMACIA-PC\Documents\Transformice\1.503 - PM\", line 649, in enterRoom this.server.addClientToRoom(this, roomName) File "C:\Users\SUPREMACIA.SUPREMACIA-PC\Documents\Transformice\1.503 - PM\", line 1906, in addClientToRoom room.addClient(client) File "C:\Users\SUPREMACIA.SUPREMACIA-PC\Documents\Transformice\1.503 - PM\", line 2711, in addClient this.clients[client.playerName] = client AttributeError: Client instance has no attribute 'playerName' ============================================================
  26. Akira

    NOTE: I updated 140 versions directly, so it would be many bugs I didn't see. So, please don't insult me and try to solve it yourself. If you can't, you can contact with me: Discord: Mentalpower#8315 Original: Source 1.363 - PM Credits: Loukino -> Base Sasuke -> Source Akira -> Develop Download Link: (updated) Virustotal Link: (updated) Change Log [>] Version updated: 1.363 -> 1.503 [>] Login bug fixed [>] Login result bug fixed [>] Get cheese bug fixed [>] Enter room bug fixed [>] Mouse syncing bug fixed [>] Profile bug fixed [>] Shop system updated [>] Tribulle updated [>] Tribulle fixed
  27. berkdasok

    i create duxoo datebase and load but continue the erro @dogeplayru
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